Aqueity Ask An Expert Series
In our popular Ask An Expert series, we delve into various IT topics to help you answer all of your nagging questions! We'll place you in front of our subject matter experts, allowing you to leverage our vast industry knowledge. In your business, we understand time is of the essence, which is why we keep our webinars at 30 minutes; 25 minutes of content and a 5 minute Q&A session.
Ask an expert Webinar
The return of the interns!!
Millions of New Hires and Interns are set to join the business world this summer. Attend this webinar to ensure they have a productive, secure IT experience. We'll share tricks, templates and our lessons learned.

Aqueity's Ask an Expert Series
The return of the interns!
Millions Of Internships Will Open This Summer And In This Webinar We Will Explore Tactics On How To Handle Intern Deployments And Security Training To Ensure The Interns Are Productive And Your Systems Are Secure!
May 7th, 2019
Limited Seats Available !
May 7th, 2019
10:00AM-10:30AM CST

Michael Mask
VP of Professional Services
Only 200 seats available 
12,000 invited
Positive IT Experience - Key Considerations
You work hard to acquire new employees and interns. Ensure their first day is a success! Make sure your employees have the tech they need on the first day, so there's not negative perceptions or wasted time. Don't forget, a positive, well supported user is 5 times more likely to accept a job offer. Below are some key considerations to be aware of when on-boarding new employees.
    • Unanticipated machine deployment work
    •  Security
    •  Cyber-Risks
    •  Compliance
    •  Potential new employee and intern downtime if they don't have the tech they need

    •  Security Training
    •  Phishing Awareness Training
    •  If there's no day 1 machine, the employee can develop a negative first impression of the company leading to rising employee acquisition costs.
    Who Should Attend?
    • IT Operations/ Help-Desk
    •  IT Management
    •  HR Managers/Coordinators
    •  Recruiting/Talent Acquisition

    Deployment Checklist

    Any good deployment starts with a checklist. Webinar participants will receive a comprehensive checklist to deploy technology for short-term employees.

    Don't Forget About Tech!

    Your first impression as an employee is critical to your perception of an organization. A positive, well-supported new user is five times more likely to accept a job offer. Learn some tricks to maximize productivity and reinforce your commitment to employees.

    Mitigate Cyber-Risk

    Inexperienced, new users are a magnet for cyber issues. During the webinar, you'll learn to identify and lower cyber-risk for this user group.

    Complimentary Dark Web Scan

    All attendees are eligible for to receive a no cost review of potentially compromised email addresses.
    Extensive Deployment Checklist
    Valuable Education on Deployment Education
    Short Term Employee 
    Cyber-Risk Stats
    Complimentary Dark Web and Phishing Awareness Test for Your Organization.
    "Aqueity's deployment services are a life-saver. We have at least 20 interns and new hires every summer and it frees us up to focus on our core business."
    HR Director
    The return of the interns! 
    is your business prepared?
    Tuesday, may 7th, 2019  •  10:00AM-10:30AM cst

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